BeLazy has a unique model: we do not charge anything for users or connections. We charge a percentage of the revenue you get for the projects that you accept in BeLazy. When you accept a project in BeLazy, it is accepted in the customer's vendor portal, and created in your business management system.

There are two tiers of charging. We charge 2% or up to 5 euros for successful project creation and project approval - partial project automation. If you allow the system to fully automate the project - i.e. monitor your business management system for changes, and change vendor assignment, or deliver projects automatically -, an additional 3% is charged. The total cost of a fully automated project cannot be more than 10 euros. You will only be charged for transactions that are entirely successful. A successful transaction is a transaction where the data from the source system is converted using the configuration that you specified in the configuration/onboarding and appears in your destination system.

BeLazy is mostly recommended if you receive a lot of small projects. You save a lot of project management time if you can automate a 100-word project. We know, though, that creating the records for large projects don't take much longer than creating a small project, and this is why we maximized the charge at 10 euros a project.

So if you receive a 6 euros project, you'll be charged 0.12 euros for creating it, and another 0.18 euros for delivering it. If you receive a 60 euros project, you'll be charged 1.2 euros for creating it, and 1.8 euros for delivering it. If you receive a 200 euros project, you'll be charged 4 euros for creating it, and 6 euros for delivering it - and if you receive a 2000 euros project, you'll still be charged the same.

Payment is possible by wire transfer or Paypal (credit card coming soon), and you are charged once every month. We provide you with a list of all the projects that went through BeLazy, with detailed information.