During your first login, you cannot do anything else but add a connection. A connection currently is a connection to a vendor portal.

Under Connections, click on the Add button. Give the connection a name (e.g. AcmeCorp's XTRF), and enter the URL, your user name and password. You can also enter some instructions to this connection, e.g. invoicing instructions, login information to the customer's TMS or FTP systems, extra manual steps that need to be performed for this connection, etc. It's just easier to find this info here...

Click Add. The connection is saved and tested for automation. If it is automatable, the Automate button appears next to the connection on the dashboard.

If it is not automatable, it may be that:

  • the specific vendor portal type is not yet supported. Please still add your portals: that helps us decide how to prioritize developments.
  • the URL is not correct. Please review the URL convention under the specific vendor portals in the knowledge base.
  • the user name and password don't match. Please check them - go to the URL and try logging in there, and if that works, copy-paste them.

Tip: You make us happy if you add all the possible connections you would automate - we love to see the percentage go up on our dashboard!