The Plunet vendor portal is the vendor portal for any customer using Plunet. There are hundreds of such vendor portals available in the world, and you can add any number of such portals into BeLazy to watch.


Expected URL format:


To use the Plunet vendor portal, you will only need the URL, user name, password that you use on the portal, configuration is performed already when you create the connection. You also need to know the number format used in the portal, whether there is a decimal comma or point, and with what character are the three-digit numbers are separated (if they are). You can check this when manually logging in. Not knowing the right format does not prevent the integration from working, but you may end up with wrong numbers (in case you have never received projects over a thousand euros/dollars/etc.).

Functionality supported:

  • All vendor selection methods are supported:
    • First come, first served (Request),
    • You have to accept the job, but your customer needs to approve the assignment (Offer),
    • Direct assignment to you (Assign).
  • All information that appears in the Plunet vendor portal appears in BeLazy too.
  • Project delivery and file upload is also supported

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy
  • Projects rejected in BeLazy are not rejected in the Plunet vendor portal, that needs to be done manually
  • Project managers' email addresses are not extracted. This results in a harmless warning notification that you can safely ignore.

Job closing:

There may be a rare case that you are able to upload files but not close the job. In this case BeLazy will not notify you either, however, you could not close the job in the vendor portal manually either.

In this case, you need to ask your customer to allow delivery under Admin / Settings / Jobs in Plunet, in the Job delivery possible by following roles section, by enabling the check box next to Assignee.