Plunet BusinessManager, often referred to as Plunet, is the business management system offered by Plunet GmbH ( It is available in hosted and installed versions as well.


In order to automate project creation in Plunet, you need to license the Plunet BeLazy Connector package. To check whether you have it, log in and go to the Admin menu in Plunet, and select Licenses. Scroll down, and under Plunet additional modules, check if you have the "Plunet API".

If you'd like workflow mapping to work, please select Workflow templates under Orders. You need to enter the steps of the workflow template in the description thereof, separated by commas, similary to this: Translation, Proofreading, Quality assurance.

Only workflows with a description will be shown in the workflow mapping. If you already have a description, you can keep it by adding the workflow steps in the first line, separated by a new line.

For file saving, make sure that under Admin / Document templates / Folder set, under the Extend default folder set, you have /Source added under Items. If you don't, add it, otherwise the Source folder is not created under the items and we cannot create the folder, thus can't save the files.


Expected URL format:

The URL is


  • Once you have the Plunet BeLazy Connector package, you need to enter the user name and password of an API user. The onboarding process gives you more information.
  • As Plunet is fully customizable, you need to select which property holds the specialization/area of expertise.
  • A project manager needs to be assigned per connection or multiple project managers can be assigned per project conditions.
  • A single customer needs to be assigned per connection or different customers can be assigned per project conditions.
  • Specializations need to be mapped between the systems.
  • Order templates need to be mapped between the systems.
  • Workflow templates can be mapped between the systems.
  • Sliding scales (match brackets) need to be mapped between the systems.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems. Please note that the list that appears in BeLazy for Plunet language codes may not be the same as what you find in Plunet's Admin / Languages. You may have removed some languages there. Make sure that you check the BeLazy list of languages against the first column of Plunet's list of languages, and you do not map languages to non-existing languages in Plunet.
  • Vendors need to be mapped between the systems.

Functionality supported:

  • All known order creation scenarios are supported

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy

Additional information:

The following is the minimum set of rights you need to give to a Plunet API account to work correctly with BeLazy. Make sure that the user type is Internal and the resource type is Team member.

Full automation - file deliveries by PMs:

In order for Plunet to be able to deliver files back to the vendor portals / translation management systems, BeLazy picks up the files from the item's last delivered jobs. Even though you should set the item's status to "Can be delivered", do not upload files to the item's folder, but rather look at the last job in the workflow, make sure its status is delivered, and upload the files there into the target folder. The following screenshot shows where you need to click to open the target files.