At BeLazy we want to cover most vendor portals, translation management systems and business management systems, and keep an open infrastructure using publicly available APIs. We want to enable interoperability and slash API costs by providing technology vendors with a better value proposition: revenue sharing.

If you like what we do, would like to make it easier for your customers or vendors to work with others, and would be interested in getting a decent revenue stream to further improve the connectivity of your technology, please get in touch with us, and describe your system and who the users are.

Our primary focus currently is on vendor portals and translation management systems that are used for many projects by a relatively large amount of LSPs, so if you are a major MLV or a translation technology provider with such a portal, please get in touch. You don't need to supply us with an API - even if you don't have an API, we will probably be able to automate the system with some very limited support from you.

Your investment is approximately 3-4 hours of work.