The Junction vendor portal is the vendor portal for Welocalize ( There is only one instance of this system running. Junction is currently running parallel to Welocalize Falcon. If you are using Falcon as well, you should check the integration in Plunet and XTRF. BeLazy does not plan to support Falcon anymore.


There are no requirements to use the Junction vendor portal other than having a valid username and password.


Expected URL format:

The URL is always


To use the Junction vendor portal, you will only need the URL, user name, password that you use on the portal, configuration is performed already when you create the connection.

Issues and how to resolve them:

  • Junction provides you with jobs in multiple currencies. In Plunet, in order to make it work, you need to select a customer with the currency set up to be the same as the Junction connection currency. You can check this information if you select Contacts / Customers, and when you look at a customer, locate the Currencies selector under Payment.
  • It is a very rare event, but it may happen that Welocalize changes the authentication from OKTA to the Welocalize login or vice versa. In this case the connection will give authentication errors even if you have the username and password correct. If this happens, please recreate the connection.

Functionality supported:

  • Offers are supported
  • Translation and copy-edit projects are merged into a single project in your business management system
  • Delivery is supported

Vendor reassignment:

  • You cannot create "workers" in the system, only map your vendors to "workers" in your system

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy
  • Projects rejected in BeLazy are not rejected in the Junction, that needs to be done manually