The BeLazy project APIs allow you to receive projects from various vendor portals in BeLazy and automatically generate them in your proprietary business management system. You can assign vendors and deliver projects without leaving your system.


The BeLazy project APIs are free for all users. You need to create an access token in the Profile menu to use this functionality.


Expected URL format:

The URL is the URL of your proprietary business management system. BeLazy does not use this information, only to establish that the system is not supported out of the box.


The configuration is described in detail on The following article is useful for teams wanting to understand the separation of roles in creating a connection:

Functionality supported:

  • Mapping of values to pre-defined lists
  • Webhook (callback URL) to notify your business management system that there's a new project approved
  • Listing approved but not acknowledged projects
  • Getting details of a project
  • Acknowledging projects (required)
  • Uploading files to your business management system

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy