The Symfonie vendor portal is the vendor portal for RWS Moravia ( There is only one production instance of this system running. RWS Moravia uses multiple systems that provide a vendor portal, but Symfonie is by far their main platform.


You need three pieces of information for the integration to work: service account, client ID, and client secret. The RWS support team will generate the client ID and the client secret for you, while the service account should be generated by you.

First you need to create a service account in the RWS Moravia partner app. The service account needs to start with srv_ prefix (underscore included), and use an existing e-mail address (or distribution list) to receive a generated password. If you need help, you can contact the RWS support team and they will send you detailed documentation.

Second, you need to send the service account's username and password to the support team, and they will send you back an email with the client ID and the client secret. Make sure you refer to BeLazy in the email you send, because that will speed up approval. After this, please change the service account's password so that the support team has no longer access to it.

An additional requirement to receive not only the job information but also word counts and financial information about your projects is to give the service account BPP permission. This you need to do yourself in the RWS Moravia partner app. Please note that only the primary contact for an organization can do this - the primary contact is the one that is able to see and manage each and every account under their organization. If you don't know which user is the primary contact, you can contact RWS support team for help. Once you managed to log in with the primary user, select and edit the service account user (the one whose name starts with srv_), and under Profile, enable the checkbox BPP Enabled. After this, you should be able to see prices in BeLazy. 

A difficulty with vendor / license reassignment - primarily the Memsource integration of Symfonie - is that while we can reassign the vendor, we cannot retrieve the user details of the assigned vendors. Therefore it's best if you create one license for one vendor, and you share the license details (URL, username, password) with the vendor up front. Once the project is assigned to them via your business management system, they will know that with this username and password combination they can log in to Memsource.

Expected URL format:

The URL is always


To use the Symfonie vendor portal, you will need to enter the URL, user name, password that you use on the portal to add the connection, and you will need to enter the service account, client ID and client secret on the first page of the automation configuration wizard.

To use the vendor reassignment, you need to copy the usernames of the license holders as they appear in your Symfonie account into BeLazy, as Symfonie does not provide an API for automating the retrieval of a list of users.

Functionality supported:

  • Offers are supported
  • File download is supported
  • License assignment is supported
  • Files delivery and project completion is supported

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy
  • Projects rejected in BeLazy are not rejected in the Symfonie, that needs to be done manually