Lionbridge LCX Vendor Portal

The Lionbridge LCX vendor portal is the new-generation portal for Lionbridge ( There is only one instance of this system running. We recommend that you set up the Auto-approve functionality for Lionbridge's portals, because they mostly work on a first come-first served basis.


There are no requirements to use the Lionbridge LCX portal other than having a valid username and password.


Expected URL format:

The URL is always


To use the Lionbridge LCX vendor portal, you will only need the URL, user name, password that you use on the portal, configuration is performed already when you create the connection.

Functionality supported:

  • New offers are automatically displayed
  • Projects are delivered automatically if you are using a BMS with full automation support

Functionality not supported:

  • Files above 3 GB are not handled, files are only kept for one week after the project appears in BeLazy
  • Projects rejected in BeLazy are not rejected in  LCX, that needs to be done manually