As there is no Home Portal API for this purpose, BeLazy uses the XTRF Client API to download deliverable files from classic projects, which requires some extra configuration in XTRF to work.

You need to follow these configuration steps if you want to enable full automation - i.e. project delivery, translation reassignment - and you are creating XTRF Classic Projects (as opposed to Smart Projects) via the BeLazy service selection / integration. We are working on trying to automate at least part of this setup, but you need to edit each and every customer for each and every contact person.

As an example let us assume the following properties of the classic project:

Enable Client Portal Access

Firstly, access to the Client Portal must be allowed to the contact person ("Translator John"):

  • Click on Clients in the menu on the left
  • Select the Contacts tab and open the profile page of the contact person
  • Go to the Account Data tab and click on Edit
  • Enable the Client Portal Access Allowed checkbox
  • Make sure that All selected offices is selected in the dropdown in the Manage section, and also make sure that all checkboxes related to Projects and Tasks are enabled
  • Click on Save

If there is only one contact person with the email in the system, then there is nothing else to do, it should work now. 

The email is the unique identifier of a contact person, and it is a more complicated scenario if the same email is associated to multiple contact persons of multiple companies. If the email is used in multiple contact person entities belonging to multiple clients (e.g. different offices of the same company registered as different clients), then the settings above must be made for all of these contact persons. Moreover the offices of these clients must be linked as well, which is detailed in the following section.

Linking client offices

By default a contact person can only access the projects of her/his company. If the client offices are not linked, it is not possible for XTRF to tell whose projects to give access to, so the project may fail.

To overcome this issue, you have to link the offices of these clients:

  • Go to the profile page of the client of the project ("Pro Translations")
  • Select the Main Data tab and then the Offices sub-tab and click Edit
  • Now click on the Select Client link and one-by-one add all the clients where a contact person exists with the email in question (
  • Click on Save

Authorize contact persons

After linking the client offices, the only thing left is to go through all the contact person entities with the same email ( and give them access to the projects of client "Pro Translations":

  • Go to the contact person's profile page
  • In the Client section of the Main Data tab, click on Change image
  • In the popup select the client in question (Pro Translations)
  • Click on Save

After all of these settings are made, BeLazy should be able to download deliverable files of classic projects.