GlobalLink is the enterprise translation management system offered by Transperfect. While it is only used by enterprise customers, language service providers are often users of this system as vendors.

Use cases:

GlobalLink's integration allows you, as a vendor, to list and approve projects on your customers' GlobalLink instances, and automatically download additional materials such as instructions, source and reference files.


Unless the customer uses a different single sign-on solution, you only need the URL of the system you connect to, your username and your password. If you cannot log in, please contact us.

Expected URL format:

The URL is usually, where PD stands for Project Director, the project management component of the system. As the system can be installed anywhere, BeLazy identifies the system from the login page rather than the URL. If you have difficulties logging in, let us know.


  • You authenticate in GlobalLink with your username and password.
  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer per instance of GlobalLink.
  • You can map domains to specializations in your business management system (if available in GlobalLink).
  • You can select the business management system service also based on GlobalLink workflows and workflow steps. Workflow steps are automatically mapped, based on the order of services in XTRF and whether they support payables and/or CAT payables.
  • You can map the rate card to your internal rate card.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.

Functionality supported:

  • Batches with multiple languages are created as a single project.
  • Batches with consecutive tasks are supported and merged into one project in the business management system (e.g. translation, review, translation implementation, but not the client review implementation, as the workflow breaks when the client is involved).
  • Claiming tasks and downloading packages is supported. The system attempts to download a TXML package first, if it fails, a WF5 package, if it is also not available, the standard package.
  • Quotations are matched against the projects and all items are supported. GlobalLink is one of the few systems that instead of using a percentage discount for fuzzy brackets, it uses a given price (e.g. instead of 30% value for a 0.2 euro word price, the 100% word price is 0.06).

Functionality not supported:

  • Currently we do not map users to workflow steps.
  • Currently delivery from BeLazy is not yet available.
  • Currently tasks that appear in GlobalLink after the project is over (e.g. sign-off or implementation after customer review) do not 
  • We plan to add all this functionality after a general overhaul of our project grouping approach, but only to XTRF Classic projects and the APIs.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • No vendor assignment functionality is available yet.

Additional information:

Jobs are merged according to languages and workflow steps.