XTRF uses a CatQuantityConversionExpression for volume calculation units, in smart projects. If you received this error, and want to import a full fuzzy analysis rather than just a simple receivable/payable that was created for your project this time, you need to change the expression in XTRF to use segments, words or chars, or change the service to classic projects. 

To fix this issue for the future, you need to know which XTRF unit you mapped to the unit coming from the source system - vendor portal or TMS. Check the original project in the other system, and see which source unit was wrongly converted. Edit the connection's automation in BeLazy, and go to the Unit mapping page without changing anything else to see what this unit was mapped to in XTRF.

Go to Settings / System Values: Advanced / Calculation Units, select the XTRF unit you identified, and check the CAT Quantity Conversion Expression. It will probably include a variable other than words, chars or segments. You may want to change the expression or create a new calculation unit where the only variables are words, chars or segments, or change the service in BeLazy's automation from a smart project service to a classic project service.

Your current project was created with the right price, but with a simple receivable, so the fuzzy analysis details are not visible.