SymLite is a system with a vendor portal operated by RWS Moravia ( There is only one production instance of this system running. SymLite is reserved for the jobs of a single client for RWS Moravia.


Besides a username and password there is no additional requirement.

Expected URL format:

The URL is always


To use the SymLite vendor portal, you will need to enter the URL, user name, password that you use on the portal to add the connection.

Functionality supported:

  • Projects are listed, accepted and created.
  • Vendor assignment is supported.

Functionality not supported:

  • SymLite itself does not support pricing, only analysis, thus pricing information is also not available in BeLazy.
  • Projects rejected in BeLazy are not rejected in the SymLite, that needs to be done manually.
  • Project delivery is not necessary.
  • Once a vendor was assigned, a vendor can only be reassigned if the original vendor rejected the job. This is a limitation of SymLite's solution, not BeLazy's.