Smartling is only used by enterprise customers. Language service providers are often users of this system as vendors.

Use cases:

The Smartling integration allows you, as a vendor, to list and reassign projects on your customers' Smartling instances. You need a Translation Resource Manager or an Agency Account Owner account.


You only need your username and your password.

Expected URL format:

The URL is If you have difficulties logging in, let us know.


  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer.
  • You can map project names to specializations in your business management system.
  • You can select the business management system service also based on Smartling workflows. Workflow steps are automatically mapped, based on the order of services in XTRF and whether they support payables and/or CAT payables.
  • You can map your analysis brackets to your internal analysis.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.
  • You can map vendors.

Functionality supported:

  • String-based and file-based workflows are supported.
  • Jobs that have no deadline or jobs that have a deadline which expired less than a month ago are picked up by BeLazy - old jobs are not.

Functionality not supported:

  • While there can be multiple workflows per language in Smartling, mapping these is not supported. Choose a longer workflow if this is the case.
  • Currently delivery from BeLazy is not available. The linguist should deliver in Smartling.
  • Downloading files is not supported.
  • Strings outside jobs are not supported.
  • Translation resources claiming jobs through BeLazy is not supported.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • Vendor assignment functionality is available.
  • Vendor creation functionality is not available. The Translation Resource account needs to be added to the workflow manually when you add a new translator.

Fuzzy match rates:

  • In the fuzzy match rates, you will have the following values:
Match rate on BeLazy interfaceMatch rate on Smartling interface
SMARTMATCH-100.0Perfect match