Lokalise is a popular software localization management system, used by software development teams, designers and linguists worldwide. The system does not have the concept of a translation company, only linguists, however, with our integration, translation companies are offered a good method of working in their business management system while the customers and the translators work in Lokalise.

Use cases:

The Lokalise integration allows you, as a vendor, to list and reassign projects on your customers' Lokalise instances. 


In order to use the system, you need an API key with read and write access. The API keys are available for every user of Lokalise. BeLazy tells you how to generate a new key.
Your customer, in their Lokalise project, needs to give you the following admin rights:

  • Manage tasks
  • Manage contributors

These rights are required to register and assign translators in the system.

When assigning the tasks, your customer needs to always enable the following settings:

  • Lock translations
  • Include admins as assignees

Auto-closing of languages and tasks is optional, if Lokalise does not close the tasks, BeLazy's integration does it for you.

Expected URL format:

The URL is always https://app.lokalise.com.


  • Set up the API user in Lokalise and copy the token to BeLazy.
  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer.
  • You can select the business management system workflows also based on Lokalise workflows. Lokalise has two types of workflow steps, translation and revision, with the number of revision steps defined by the customer.
  • You can map your analysis brackets to your internal analysis.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.
  • You can map vendors.

Functionality supported:

  • All task-based workflows are supported.
  • Extracting and updating bilingual files is supported. In order to benefit from this functionality, make sure that Offline translation is enabled in the Miscellaneous section of the Settings of the project (under More). Warning: the source language of the downloaded file will be the project's Base language, rather than the task's source language.

Functionality not supported:

  • BeLazy does not work with orders in Lokalise, only tasks.
  • There is no pricing (Lokalise does not support pricing in tasks). Prices are calculated by your business management system.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • Vendor assignment functionality is available.
  • Vendor creation functionality is  available.