memoQ is a powerful translation management system and also a CAT tool popular among translators. BeLazy supports connecting to memoQ servers and memoQ cloud instances through the web interface, memoQweb.

Use cases:

There are two main use cases where the memoQ integration comes handy:

  • Your customer sends you jobs - packages or online jobs -, and you want to automatically pick them up in your business management system.
  • You have an instance of the memoQ server / memoQ cloud, where you create projects, or import packages, and would like these jobs to automatically appear in the business management system.


The memoQ server needs to have memoQweb installed. All memoQ cloud instances come with memoQweb.

Expected URL format:

The URL is the URL of memoQweb. In the case of cloud instances, it is, where xx is the cloud server you're hosting and instance-name is the name of your (or your customer's) memoQ cloud instance.

memoQ setup:

As memoQ does not define a workflow, and always allows flexible changes for Translation, Review1, Review2, you need to indicate if you want BeLazy to create shorter workflows than three steps. In the first line of the memoQ project's Description field, you need to enter the workflow steps: a combination of Translation, Review1, and Review2, with the steps separated by comma (e.g.: Translation, Review2). You can populate this information in memoQ project templates as well. If there is no workflow in the first line of the Description, BeLazy will consider this project to have the Translation, Review1, Review2 workflow.


  • You can set up the analysis settings (same options as in memoQ).
  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer. All memoQ project metadata (client, project, domain, subject) are available as exceptions for the main rule.
  • You can set up specializations based on the domain and subject combinations in memoQ.
  • You can select the business management system service also based on memoQ workflows.
  • You can map the memoQ analysis brackets to your internal analysis. The unit is always words.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.
  • You can map vendors.

Functionality supported:

Project management interface:

  • Projects that appear in the project management interface of memoQweb are supported.
  • Creating tasks for document slices is supported, however, there are no statistics calculated for slices by memoQweb, therefore BeLazy simply stores the full analysis for reference.
  • Running analysis automatically before synchronizing projects is supported.
  • Only new projects are supported, version updates are not, thus content connected projects are not supported.

Translation interface:

  • Projects that appear in the translation interface of memoQweb are supported.
  • Package download is supported.
  • Package upload and project delivery with .mqback packages are supported.
  • Subvendor workflow is not supported, as memoQweb does not support it.
  • Workflows where you cannot work online but only with packages are not yet supported.

Functionality not supported:

  • There is no pricing. Prices are calculated by your business management system.
  • Reverse vendor assignment from slices does not work with XTRF Smart projects.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • Vendor assignment functionality is supported in the project management interface scenario.
  • Vendor (user) creation functionality is not supported.
  • You can explicitly create a vendor assignment using the assignment mapping dialog. This allows you to explicitly select some BMS users and map them to your memoQ user list appearing on the left.
  • If explicit selection was not done, by default, we take the vendor's username in memoQ from XTRF's Provider information: Main data / System accounts / Username in external system.
  • BeLazy watches your vendor assignments in your BMS projects and reassigns vendor based on this. The frequency of checks / reassignment is not more than 30 minutes, and as little as 5 minutes at the beginning and the end of the project, but it also happens every time you sync projects with your BeLazy connections.
  • BeLazy does NOT check assignments in memoQ. If you reassign a vendor in memoQ, it won't impact any change in XTRF.