You configured XTRF and it works fine with the admin user you have, but when you add other project managers, the projects don't get created or information is missing. You can take project manager's API tokens from Settings / User management / Users / Access tokens.

When you add new users to BeLazy by adding their API token, you need to make sure that they have all the necessary rights. Under Users, check what group the user belongs to, because you need to adjust the rights of those users. Most of them will be in the group Project Managers.

Go to User Groups and Rights, and select the right group. Now make the following changes:

  • Make sure the Browse and Display rights are available for all the right types, i.e. make sure that every checkmark in the first and the second columns is enabled.
  • Enable XTRF macros.
  • Enable View sharing.

If it still does not work, there is probably no permission for the user to use the BeLazy view.

  • Go to Settings / General Configuration / Views.
  • Search for BeLazy view, click on Edit.
  • Go to Permissions, and select All Groups.