Prerequisite: You have Plunet's email sending enabled. For more information refer to

Create a new Project role under Admin / Project roles. Call it BeLazy Notification, as seen on the screenshot below.

Change the API user's Resource type to Team member, and the Default project role to BeLazy Notification under the Communication settings under Contacts / Resources. Make sure this user also has an email address filled in.

Create a Resource Group called BeLazy Email Notifications under Contacts / Resource Groups, and add the API user.

Under Admin / Settings / Order, you can choose this as the Preselected resource group for Orders. This will mean that the BeLazy email notification will be automatically added to all orders.

If this does not work later, that means that under Contacts / Customers / Communication settings you may already have a customer-specific project team selected. If this happens and you want to keep them, you just need to go back to the Resource groups and add the API user to it under the BeLazy Notification role.

Now go to Admin / Document templates, and select E-mail.

Select the following email types, and add BeLazy Notification as Recipient:

  • Status change to 'In progress'
  • Job delivery
  • Job request was accepted
  • Job assignment

Plunet will now send emails about the most critical actions in BeLazy, and these emails can trigger synchronization in BeLazy.