Phrase is one of the main software localization management systems, used by software development teams, designers and linguists worldwide, with many users in Germany. The system is further developed and managed by Memsource.

Use cases:

The Phrase integration supports both linguist reassignment and XLIFF export-import scenarios to support online and offline translation on your customers' Phrase instances. BeLazy supports both Basic and Advanced review workflows.


In order to use the system, you need an API key with three access types: read, write and team.manage. The API keys are available for every user of Phrase, and BeLazy tells you how to generate a new key in the onboarding dialog.

The user whose API key you are using must be a user who is an Owner, an Administrator or a Project Manager. Owners and Administrators see all jobs, Project Managers will only be able to see jobs in the projects they are assigned to.

Phrase has two workflows to support both translation and review. As their API does not indicate which workflow it is that is being used, if you are using the advanced workflow, you need to add a new variable into the project. The variable must have the name workflow and the value advanced, and must be added according to this article. If the variable is not found, BeLazy treats the workflow as basic workflow.

Expected URL format:

The URL is always


  • Set up the API user in Phrase and copy the token to BeLazy.
  • Select whether you want the receivables unit to be set to keys or words. The receivables will be created accordingly in your business management system. In the unit mapping, you have to map both, but this should not be a concern.
  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer.
  • You can select the business management system service also based on Phrase workflows. Basic and advanced review workflows give different services.
  • You can map your analysis brackets to your internal analysis.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.
  • You can map vendors.

Functionality supported:

  • All job-based workflows are supported, including vendor assignment, and also bilingual download-upload. Only In progress jobs are being picked up.
  • Target languages are uploaded from the bilingual when a target language job is closed in the business management system. The Phrase job is only closed once all target languages have been delivered.

Functionality not supported:

  • Translation memory matching is not supported, only total key or word counts.
  • There is no pricing (Phrase does not support pricing in jobs). Prices are calculated by your business management system.
  • Vendor creation functionality is not available, because Phrase requires the vendor to sign up, so it would not have an immediate result.
  • We do not list jobs for user types that are not Administrator, Owner or Project Manager.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • Vendor assignment functionality is available.
  • Vendor creation functionality is not available.