BeLazy can automatically synchronize a connection when an email comes into a specified folder. To do so, click on the leftmost calendar icon on the connection's card. As you can see in the description, this connection already has an email-based sync enabled.

Now enable Sync through email triggers, and select a subfolder under your Inbox. If you don't have any, discard the changes here, go to Outlook, and create a subfolder and set up a forwarding rule.

You can also enable the Create red flag if more than 72 hours have passed since last sync option. If for some reason - for example, you change your password - the Microsoft email connection is stopped, BeLazy does not realize that and keeps listening to the information that comes from Microsoft; except that it does not come. We have no way of knowing this, but if you don't receive a single project through email syncing in 72 hours, we can throw a warning so that you will know that you should check the connection status in the Profile menu, under Connect email accounts.

Once you select an Inbox subfolder, BeLazy will synchronize automatically when an email arrives in the folder, immediately. This way projects are listed faster, and if you use Auto-approval, they are immediately taken for you.

Creating a subfolder and forwarding rule in Outlook web

In, create a new subfolder to Inbox by right-clicking on Inbox, and selecting Create new subfolder.

Enter the name of the subfolder, for example the name of your BeLazy connection that you'd like to synchronize when an email comes into this folder.

Now click on the cogwheel icon (Settings) on the top right, and then from the panel that appears select View all Outlook settings.

In the panel that appears, select Rules, and then add a new rule, similarly to the one on the screenshot below:

Click Save.

After this, all emails from the domain will land in this subfolder, and BeLazy will automatically synchronize the Phrase connection when such an email is received (regardless of the content of the email - but it will immediately find new jobs).