When you are trying to merge projects based on regex - which is the typical case for Plunet and XTRF projects -, you may not be able to do this if you don't know how the regex must match the job's name.

The matching part of the regular expression will be the search term that we will try to find in the name of the project merge candidates and if we do find it, it will bundle. Therefore if you want to match two projects which have the same 6-digit number in the name, starts with an O-, and then after this there is more information (this is the typical Plunet setup: O-321353-TRA-001, O-321353-EDT-002), use this regular expression:


If you try to use this expression:


It won't match, because it would also need to match exactly TRA - so it would match O-321353-TRA-001 and O-321353-TRA-002, but not O-321353-EDT-002, or it would match O-321353-EDT-001 and O-321353-EDT-002, but not O-321353-TRA-003, because the .+ wildcard string has to be the same as well.