Crowdin is a popular agile localization management solution. It is available in two versions: and Crowdin Enterprise. BeLazy's integration allows you to manage Crowdin translation and proofreading tasks in both systems. Crowdin's tasks are bilingual, and BeLazy's bundling functionality is used to merge these into multilingual projects if necessary.

Use cases:

The Crowdin integration allows you, as a vendor, to list, reassign and close tasks on your customers' or Crowdin Enterprise instance. While the recommended method of working is within Crowdin (translator licenses are free), the system also supports exporting XLIFF files and importing them back.


In order to use the system, you need an API key with at least the Project scope fully selected. API keys are available for every user of Crowdin. BeLazy tells you how to generate a new key.

Expected URL format:

The URL is always


  • Set up the API user in Crowdin and copy the token to BeLazy.
  • All project members (translator, proofreader, manager) can see all tasks and can work on tasks even if they are not assigned to it. You can enable BeLazy to create opportunities only from tasks assigned to you, and if your customer does already set tasks into In progress when outsourcing to you, you can also enable creating opportunities from those.
  • You can set up a naming convention for the projects.
  • You can set up your business management system customer.
  • You can select the business management system workflows also based on Crowdin workflows. Crowdin has two types of workflow steps, translation and proofreading. In Crowdin Enterprise the same types are supported. (Translation/proofreading by vendor is about outsourcing to pre-defined vendors.)
  • You can map your analysis brackets to your internal analysis.
  • Language codes need to be mapped between the systems.
  • You can map vendors.

Functionality supported:

  • All task-based workflows are supported. 
  • Extracting and updating bilingual files is supported.

Functionality not supported:

  • There is no pricing. Prices are calculated by your business management system.

Vendor assignment functionality:

  • Vendor assignment functionality is available. In the Community edition ( you must manually add into the project everyone you may want to assign to the tasks.
  • Vendor creation functionality is not available, because you can only invite members to register, and you cannot assign them to tasks up to the point they register.