In order to connect BeLazy to your email, go to the Profile menu, and click on Connect email accounts.

Note: As of today, the only email account type you can connect is Microsoft email, which includes both the paid Office365 versions and the free or service. If you don't use a Microsoft email for your business emailing, you can forward your emails. For example, you can forward Gmail emails here. Bear in mind that Gmail will first send a confirmation code to the new email address which you need to enter here. If you need help, please contact our support.

Click on Connect Microsoft account, and sign in using your Microsoft credentials, and allow BeLazy to read your emails as prompted. Make sure that there is an email address belonging to your Microsoft account.

Note: Currently you can only connect a single email account to one organization.

With the little arrow button next to the email address, you can always change your data storage settings.

Please allow us to store emails, because this is required to use the Email assistant functionality.

Once your email account is set up, you can set up the email-based syncing or start using the Email assistant.